When the word “escrow” is mentioned, most people think in terms of a real estate transaction.


In fact, there are several other types of transactions for which Dotson & Foley Closing is able to provide escrow services. Transactions involving a bulk sale, mobile home or timeshare are some of these.

Because Dotson & Foley Closing is a title insurance company, you may have presumed that we are involved exclusively with transactions that require the issuance of a title insurance policy. Quite the contrary. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a full service company with the ability to provide services in many related areas.


A bulk sale generally involves the sale of a business and, if properly handled, serves to protect the creditors of the seller of the business and the purchaser of the business. The statutes governing bulk sales require a notice to be recorded and published which gives the creditors of the seller an opportunity to file claims with the escrow holder for amounts due them for providing goods and/or services to the business. This process also protects the purchaser from the creditors of the seller. Only very competent, experienced escrow officers handle these transactions.


A rapidly growing segment of business is in the handling of the sale and purchase of time-share interests in vacation and resort properties. Because of the large number of interests that are created in every time-share development, strict attention to detail is absolutely essential. Our time-share specialists are specifically trained to handle just these transactions.


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